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Maria Cappadocia

Fitness, wellness and nutrition have been part of my life for as long I can remember. 

My earliest recollection can be traced back to 1991 when I started working for a Long Term Care Facility in the Recreation Department but back then these facilities were known as Nursing Homes. It was at this time I began training in the martial arts where I started as a novice student (white belt) in WTF Tae Kwon Do.  Back then, I had no fitness certifications behind my name. 

When I first heard of WaterART back in 2000, my initial reaction was to get to know the organization and once I got acquainted with its program, I enrolled in its courses.  It was a very good decision.  I can sincerely say that WaterART enhanced my confidence and it had a major impact on the development and the direction of my career.  Today, not only I am a Master in TaeKwonDo, but I have obtained various fitness certificates and diplomas, thanks to WaterART and other Fitness Organizations.

Currently, I have my own business as a Holistic Therapist.  Some of my contracts are with the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and the University of Toronto where during the School year I provide Shiatsu treatments for the U of T students but I am also a fitness instructor in Yoga, Pilates Cycle Fit, Zoomer Fitness, Land Fitness, Cycle Fit, Cardio Kick, AquaFit and TaeKwonDo.

In addition to the above I provide Shiatsu therapy, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone massage and Aquatic Rehab in three Long Term Care Facilities in the downtown area of Toronto.

Being an assistant instructor in TaeKwonDo and having a practical knowledge in fitness, nutrition and wellness, I am able to assist not only my students to excel during their grading and training but also to members of the University of Toronto community and my local community.

The information acquired over the years through Water Art courses in fields of Nutrition, Land and Water Fitness along with a background knowledge in alternative medicine attained through other institutions not only has enhanced my career but it has helped realize their benefits on human health.

Thus, I would like to extend my thanks to Water Art for all the years of opportunities.  Much appreciated.

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