Post Yourself as an Instructor


  1. Show up and be on time. Be organized and show that you appreciate their time.
  2. Be engaging. Get to know your group. Look at people. Add a smile. Create a welcoming atmosphere and mood in your program. The Instructor sets the tone.
  3. Go over “house –keeping” items such as: the location of the washroom, does anyone have any medical conditions? Always, remind everyone to take a frequent water break and move how they feel benefits them.
  4. Explain the best depth or place to stand in the class (especially with new people who may not know and hide at the back). Make sure everyone is comfortable. The class should be able to see, hear and understand the Instructor and your teaching style.
  5. Give an overview of your class goals. Maybe even write the goals on the white board or a flip chart. Stay on time with your lesson plan.
  6. Utilize visual aids may help people to learn (maybe show “the muscle of the week”).
  7. Keep the deck neat and tidy. When everything looks messy and untidy – so does the instructor!
  8. Add humor and fun or some light hearted conversation between instructions to show how the exercises can help with daily activities.
  9. Do NOT invent exercises if you are not truly versed on exercise science. Use what you have read or felt and know works for you. Get in the water and feel your exercises. If you do create an exercise – know the purpose and principles of the movement.
  10. Ask participants questions at specific times throughout the program ” if they understand the purpose of the exercise?” Do they know what they are training? Education and learning what they are doing – empowers your students!
  11. Offer time for questions (set a specific time at the end of a program). If you do not have time to stay after, you may source the information in a newsletter article to bring back for the next class. Do not make up your answers.
  12. Ask for help especially if “help”  is needed. For example: someone may be required to help with a new person or help to get the equipment out. Don’t be afraid to designate someone to pick up or help to organize the group. An instructor may need to ask (in a polite tone) “Would everyone please pick up their own equipment and take it to….” Or “I have a new person tonight, so I would like to go over some skills, if everyone can start walking forwards, backwards, sideways etc..

How to give a great class! Reality is that leading a class takes a lot of discipline; practice and preparation! This may be harder than you expect.

Tip : Always Mentally and Physically prepare for your class.

Everyone Welcome