Zoom Help Sessions for Shallow and/or Deep Instructor Exam completion

We have scheduled some “Zoom Help” sessions for you to review or ask any questions with regard to preparing your practical assessment (the 30 minute program) or writing up your 45-60 minute theory or 30 minute zoom practical assessment. You can simply email us other questions.

These sessions are limited enrollment–so simply email us to book the date and time you prefer to attend. Ideally have your lesson plan ready beforehand so the Master Trainer may help you along. If you need an assessment booked email us.

  • Thursday, August 31, 2023 7 -8 pm EDT with Fay
  • Monday, September 11 – 6:30-8:00 pm with Debbie
  • Saturday, Sept 30  2023 1-5pm EDT with Julie
  • Saturday, October 7 2023 1-5 pm EST with Julie
  • Wednesday, October 11 – 6:30-8:00 pm EST with Debbie
  • Monday, October 16 – 6:30-8:00 pm EST with Debbie
  • Sunday, October 22 2023 1-5pm EST with Julie
  • Sunday October 29, 2023 1-5pm EST with Julie
  •  email us that you need help.

We look forward to helping you complete the process successfully.

PLEASE NOTE: the Shallow & Deep H2O Instructor  Certification is a Comprehensive Certification which requires both a theory & practical assessment to be successfully completed to become fully qualified.  Whether you complete home study, virtual, or onsite training and education the examination process is the same. Exams should be completed within 6 months of training, or receipt of home study materials. We do assess late fees for each part of the exam submitted after 6 months. There are unlimited re-writes available for each part of the examination process.

How to Complete the Theory Exam Process: Please email us to let us know what you need

Option 1: request a link to our online theory exam (multiple choice)

Option 2: request open ended question exam

Option 3: Complete video quiz links either for self study (and if scored 75% or more on average for quizzes – you may utilize this as your  theory exam).Quizzes may only be completed once so we recommend to do this after you have completed full training and/or reviewed the materials.

All options are open book but must be completed individually. All options require you to submit a written 45-60 minute lesson plan.

How to Complete the Practical Assessment:
Option 1: Practical Assessment via Onsite or Virtual video session with a Certified Master Trainer: involves the candidates preparing a 30 minute program via Facetime, Zoom, Skype or Google Meet video conferencing.

Option 2 : Request a Google link when you are ready to upload a lesson plan  and video file(s) (in MOV or  MP4 files). The practical video may be done via several file uploads; however, you will need to label each file in a consecutive order so that the assessor may easily follow your presentation. Please film your practical video at the lowest or smallest quality file size (most compact file). You may upload up to 5 sections of video at 10 GB each.