Video Fit Tip: Fit Tip: Dumbbells Exercises and Safety Tips

The dumbbell is an advanced piece of equipment which may be used successfully for upper body muscle conditioning,  advanced abdominal work as well as some cardio exercises when used correctly. Unfortunately too often the dumbbell or foam weight is simply added to a program because they look like a serious piece of equipment; however, buoyancy equipment is complicated since upward movement is assisted yet if the ascent is slowed and movement controlled in both direction –the equipment may be successfully and safey utilized if someone has the basic strength to anchor the bells under the water with strength exercises.  The key thing is to take a break or let the dumbbells float when then need to take a break or reset their posture.

Using correct technique is always better than simply moving fast and hard.  Ideally the movement has different dynamics than a cardio movement . In other words performing a rock and row for middle trapezius and rhomboids muscles. Relax the dumbbells forward and row slowly and pull back and squeeze the middle back as the dumbbells pull back through the water or pull under the water with the row so that there is both drag resistance and the protection of the water.

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