Fit Tip: Step Training on Land or in Water

The step may be utilized as a functional  lower body workout or  an advanced intensity cardiovascular workout in water and/or on land.

Technique is unique however, this step may be utilized in the water or on land since the weight secures the step on the pool bottom.

Sets for  balance training and ADL’s and creative patterning is especially easy in water.

In water, Step training is an excellent extension of shallow water training as you may easily take similar movements and progressions and design purposeful patterns on the step. Sports conditioning as well as training activities of daily living may be uniquely programmed. Kids love them and people who are ready for more coordination, range of motion and balance challenge should try it.

On land, simple up, up, down down patterns may be added to add more daily function and caloric expenditure to your daily routine.

In water, moves need to be more specific to longer lever and hands must be utilized to support balance and posture.

The step on land is low impact workout (unless you choose to jump) which adds more weight bearing and functional benefits.

In water, the step allows group exercise classes to travel their movements and change water depths as well as provide functional stair stepping patterns. 

On land and in water is a great modality for training since each participant has their own marked space and may travel up and down at their own speed. 

Life involves step up and down stairs, on and off the road or sidewalk, getting in and out of a car or truck so this functional mobility and strength needs to be trained and practiced regularly.

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