Fit Tip: Review of New Candidate Exam Process

(13 minutes) Everyone who cares has some exam nerves but you can do this -just takes a bit of time and energy. Here are some tips on how to complete the exam process – with Adriana Affinito Master Trainer. We definitely want you to become educated and motivated instructors and Adriana will help you along!

Fit Tip: Short Review of Practical Assessment

To Create a successful (safe, effective and enjoyable program) we take time after the candidates practical assessment and do a review so that the information is clear. Report cards are written and with Virtual Practicals – we film your assessment and report so that we may help you to learn how to facilitate purposeful programs. Julie is reviewing some teaching tips with joint action which is truly a difficult concept for a new instructors. We go through very practical explanations to help those without an exercise science background. She was guiding new leaders (filmed during Covid crisis) on some extra tips during their practicals assessment. Here are some tips to help out.