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Program Type: Land or Water Follow Along Workout Program. Filmed Indoors or outdoors.

Program Categories: 10-minute workouts, Cardio Training, Stretching, Strengthening, Mind Body

**Note: Our market is not cross fit style or insanity training rather “total body programs for all”  or home follow along programs that are safe, effective, enjoyable and easy to follow.

Equipment: Most will not have much equipment; however, since WaterART does sell equipment – try to use what we sell or people can afford to buy.

**Sample Land Equipment: yoga mat, fit band, tubing with handles, step (for land and water), free weights, fit ball, chair, or home items

**Sample Water Equipment: super noodle, super duper noodle, pilates noodle, intermediate noodle, step (for land and water), happy hand weights, flex paddles, mitts, step, tubing with handles, splash balls, dumbbells (advanced equipment)

All email requests to google file sharing should be sent to WaterART Fitness via our general email:

Please review all safety & recommendations prior to submitting your video (download  PDF  Checklist)