About the WaterART Fitness App & Aging Well Fitness App

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  • App store for iOS(iPhone/iPad etc) devices only not computers
  • Google Play for Android devices (phones only) not all tablets or not computers

Please note that the log in  is separate from the www.waterart.org website.

1) WaterART Fitness App is where you view your educational videos for Certification OR continuing education course credits or any video library program. We also offer over 100 video fit tips (primarily water exercise).

2) Aging Well Fitness App is our new  land  functional fitness for seniors that features our Master Trainers with follow a long sitting and standing exercise programs.

You may get to the website from the App however,  the App only view on smart devices.

How to Log in: User name is email address and password is whatever you set

Note log in: is the same for www.waterart.org Website (dashboard where you see Certification, Membership dates, order history and can change shipping address)  and WaterART Fitness APP & I think Aging Well Fitness App

Enthusiast  & Certified members have access to unlimited video streaming on our Apps as long as you are a member. Non members will view videos for 6 months on the WaterART Fitness App or 10 times on the Aging Well Fitness App.

Stay well and Stay Exercised!