Setting Up Your WaterART Fit Ball

Setting Up Your WaterART Fit Ball

Un-boxing your WaterART Fit Ball

Caution: balls can be punctured despite their durability. When opening your package avoid rough or pointy surfaces that might dent or puncture the ball. You will need a pump to inflate your WaterART Fit Ball (you may purchase one separately on our website). We recommend using a spoon or a flat object to remove the white plug that seals the ball in order to inflate it. Once removed, you will be able to put the end of the pump into the hole to inflate your ball. If you are using one of the pumps you have bought from WaterART you must connect the wider end of the tube to the blue end of the pump. You must step on the pump end to push air through the nozzle. Inflating your ball may take a little time so do be patient. Be sure to change legs to balance your muscles and rest when  needed.

Proper air pressure in your Fit Ball

When inflating the ball be conscious of what air pressure. Inflate the WaterART Fit Ball to your preferred level. Ball must be filled however, softer  Fit balls will allow for easier stability; however, you will need enough air pressure to support your body weight. The ball does lose some pressure over time so be mindful to fill the ball up a little over time or especially when you feel the air pressure is getting  low.  A change in air temperature may also effect air pressure. Colder  air pressures decrease air pressure and hotter temperatures increase air pressure. So keep your pump handy.

How to care for your Fit Ball

Avoid storing balls in direct sunlight, as constant UV exposure weakens the ball. It is recommended to store them in a location in which it is not expose to extremely hot or cold temperatures which impact the air pressure. Keep your fit ball clean by using a mild soap and water with a cloth – as chemical cleaners can cause damage. Be sure to wash your hands and sanitize the ball after each exercise session.


Avoid using heavy weights on the fit ball, as the increased weight may cause ball to burst. We recommend pairing your strength training on the ball with WaterART Fit Bands and Tubing with handles. Be sure to use your WaterART Fit Ball on clean smooth surfaces free of debris to reduce wear and  tear and possible puncturing of the ball. Please note that the Fit Ball requires average level of balance skills especially with balance impairments or movement disorders. We recommend that you test your own balance prior to utilizing the ball on your own. Try to stand on one foot with the other leg off the ground for at least 30 seconds on each leg. If you are concerned about balance on your Fit Ball we recommend starting with a spotter or a Certified Personal Trainer or you may choose to put the ball close to the wall for increased stability. Fear of fall is one of the biggest concerns of an older adult – however,  balance must be trained to prevent falls. So gradually try progress to advanced exercises that require more balance. The use of a large  mat under the ball may also be helpful for those concerned with falling. Be sure that the mat stays one with the floor and doesn’t curl up or cause more tripping.

How to use your WaterART Fit Ball

Fit balls are an excellent way to train posture and better balance. There are infinite exercises for fit ball training. Be sure to try the easier exercises and gradually progress to more advanced exercises. Learn how to correct yourself after being off balance as well as how to fall safely. Exercises on the ball may be used for injury prevention training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training, as well as strength and conditioning. All ages may work with the ball but those with orthopedic conditions should  seek professional advise to design a purposeful program.

Sitting on the Ball

Another ergonomic use for your WaterART Fit Ball is sitting on the ball while at a desk or while watching TV.  In doing so,  increased trunk muscle activation and core strength may be easily training. Start with short durations and then gradually add more time. We recommend getting up or having a break every 15 minutes anyway. A break may be utilizing your ball for more stretching or strengthening exercises or having some fun with some cardio marching.

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Stay well and Stay Exercised!

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