Walking to Wellness

Walking to Wellness

Fitness Experts agree that walking is a great exercise. In fact a daily walk may dramatically improve physical healthy

and reduce the risk of premature death according to research.

  1. Walking three times a week for 30 minutes can increase cardiovascular fitness by 8 to 15 percent
  2. A regular fitness walk may burn 248 calories ( compared to 311 calories burned in a vigorous singles tennis match
  3. A consistent walking regimen may lower blood pressure
  4. a moderated fitness walk up a 5% incline can burn 338 calories and a brisk fitness walk up a 10% incline can burn 541 calories
  5. Fitness walking reduces body fat
  6. Walking strengthens leg and abdominal muscles
  7. the human body is better suited for walking than sitting, standing or running
  8. A brisk walk may improve quality of sleep
  9. Walking may relieve stress
  10. Walking is inexpensive and requires only one piece of equipment –comfortable walking shoes with proper arch and heel support
  11. Fitness walking includes strength and flexibility exercises
  12. Fitness walking is a great form of stress release
  13. Walking speeds of up to 9.0 kilometers per hour are not unusual for well conditioned athletes
  14. A normal walking pace is somewhere between 5.0 and 5.8 kilometers per hour
  15. Fitness walking is ideal for weight control because consistency is the key to lifetime weight management

Walking Warm Up

  • March and reverse shoulder rolls to relax and release shoulders.
  • Heel back (alternate  bent knee legs  curls with bent knees back toward buttocks). This will actively stretch quadriceps.
  • March and touch opposite hand to ankles ( stretches gluteals)
  • Stair climbing (if you have some) or simply up, up, down, down if you have a curb or one step.
  • Low back stretch (hands on knees in knee bend squat and pull abdominals in)
  • Reverse lunges (feet together and altrnately step one leg back with forefoot touching and then feet together. Try to go down and up.

Drills and skills

  • Walk 8 steps fast and 8 steps slower
  • Walk 8 steps forward and 8 steps backwards ( retro train) 9 Walk backwards ( retro train)
  • Walk groucho ( bend the knees and walk low) to stretch calves
  • Walk in partners ( one person facing forward & the other retro training)
  • Add Fit Bands for strength work 9 Add hills
  • Add Steps OR stair climbing Add curve ( step up and down, knee lift, reverse lunge)
  • Add music
  • Add tethers to walk
  • Add weights at the end of the walk

Cool Down & Stretch (standing)

  • Standing Calf Stretch
  • Standing Quadriceps Stretch with band or step
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Side Bend & Stretch
  • Shoulder Rolls
  • Upper Body Stretch (clasp hands together)
  • Neck stretch – turn, tilt and gentle tuck

Cool Down & Stretch (seated)

  • Seated Low back, Hamstring & Calf Stretch
  • Side lying Quadriceps Stretch with band or hold ankle
  • Lying Hamstring Stretch
  • Torso Stretch 9 Seated cross legged stretch & gently reach forward
  • Upper Body Stretch (clasp hands together) with big breaths
  • Neck stretch – turn, tilt and gentle tuck


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